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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Jun 06, 2023
Orioles vs Brewers
+107 at linepros
Play Type: Top Premium

Probable pitcher Gibson (Orioles) has been hot lately.  Consecutive wins against Toronto, the Yankees, and Cleveland with an average of 1.33 earned runs against in each start were impressive.  Peralta for the Brewers is coming off two losses, one where he only lasted 2.1 innings against the Giants. In May his ERA was 5.61 and his WHIP ballooned to 1.68.  Neither bullpen has been outstanding over the last 10 but Baltimore’s is coming off a day of rest.  Both bullpens were effective before that last 10.

The Brewers are 29th (second to last) in the majors in both avg and OPS so their bats aren’t going to scare anyone.  And they have a .193 avg against righthanders. 

The Orioles are 20-10 on the road compared to a pedestrian 16-10 at home for the Brewers.  Their night records are 25-10 and 17-16 respectively.  The other interesting stat is that the Orioles are 13-2 when the total is set from 8-8.5.  It all adds up to a solid play for the Orioles as slight underdogs (+107 as of this writing) for Tuesday night. 

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Jun 06, 2023
Mariners vs Padres
UNDER 7½ -105 Won
Play Type: Top Premium

Probable pitchers Gilbert (Mariners) and Musgrove (Padres) have had solid results lately.  Musgrove, an NL all star last season, is coming back from a toe injury and is rounding back into form.  He has surrendered 0 and 1 earned runs in his last two starts.  Gilbert has a WHIP of .98 and his ERA has been dropping in May.  His last start against the hard hitting Yankees wasn’t great but the two before that were solid.  Both pitchers should have success against hitters that are struggling.  The Padres have hit .213 against RHP in their last 10 while the Mariners have only hit .197.

In terms of defense both teams have kept opponents’ OPS below .700. The Padres' bullpen has been solid, the Mariners', less so but Gilbert should last long enough to keep it from being an issue.

The Padres have been under 4 of their last 5 games, and Mariners have been under for 2 of their last 4.  Both teams are near the bottom ¼ of the majors in avg and OPS.  All of this should go together nicely to keep the total under on Tuesday night.


Age: 59 

Will Rogers believes that there is always value somewhere, and he wants to help you find it. Rogers is here to serve as your personal guide through the world of sports investing. He will help you navigate through both opportunities and pitfalls with the one goal to help you make money. 

These are some of the many attributes Rogers brings to the table.

Success: A proven winner in every walk of life.

Vision: A laser-like ability to focus on relevant data.     

Resources: A team of proven handicappers.  A vast network of contacts. 


Rogers has worked hard his entire life and he's achieved success at every level. Five years in university. Five years in research. quantitative analysis. Twenty five years in his second passion of running high-end kitchens. He's rubbed shoulders with the rich and big players. Royalty, sometimes. He's built and motivated kitchen brigades. He's taken the heat and he's delivered the product. 

Before committing to sports investing full-time Rogers was working as a trouble shooter.  He was analyzing and resolving issues in failing workplaces. Rogers' career was intense and pressure-filled but he never stopped loving or following sports. With the advent of the Internet, participating in fantasy pools and investing in sports was a natural progression. Success followed. 

Achievements In Handicapping

Rogers officially turned "pro" in 2013. Since then, he's found success in EVERY sport. Right off the bat, his 2013 NHL season was nothing short of phenomenal. He won 67% of ALL plays (for the season!), going 97-48-4 and finishing +$24,786 in net profit! But many consider his most impressive achievement to date to be his incredible performance in the 2014 NFL playoffs. He was 18-3 overall, showing profits of more than +$13,000, and of course he had the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Not to be outdone, in 2015, Rogers put together an outstanding College Football regular season (+$13,944).Most recently, NBA was Rogers' biggest MONEY-MAKER! He just finished the (2016-17) season by going 116-67-6 with sides and on an overall 17-7 playoff run (4-1 Finals).For whatever reason, May has ALWAYS been Rogers "time of year." 2016 saw him turn a $25,358 profit for the month. Incredibly, May of '17 was EVEN MORE PROFITABLE at $27,960.But even though NBA is now over, don't expect the profits to stop ROLLING in. Rogers has been *ON FIRE* throughout the first half of the MLB season!

Money Management/Rating Of Games

Rogers takes a conservative long-term approach to investing on sports.  He has seen too many sharp handicappers done in by mismanaging their money. 

He's not interested in unnecessary risk and/or high volatility. He's confident in his abilities.  But, he keeps his wager sizes to a small percentage of his bankroll and consistent.  He's content in the knowledge that his long-term strategy will produce profits. 

A 10* rated play represents 0.5 percent of his bankroll. 

Systems Used For Handicapping Games

Rogers and his team take pride in their day-to-day knowledge about every team on the board. They have a wide variety of proven handicapping techniques in their arsenal. Knowing when to utilize and employ is key. Quite frankly, methods will vary from day-to-day, sport-to-sport and week-to-week. Nothing works forever. An ability to shift on the fly and to adjust to changing market conditions keeps the Rogers' group ahead of the curve. 

Quote: "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."