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Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Oct 23, 2021
Oklahoma vs. Kansas
67 -110
in 2h

#365/366 ASA FREE PLAY ON Under 67 Points – Oklahoma vs Kansas, Saturday at 12 PM ET - This number is set too high when you’re dealing with one team that struggles to score. We know Oklahoma can put points on the board but KU can’t. In their 3 Big 12 games the Jayhawks have scored 7, 7, and 14 points. In their most recent game vs Texas Tech, the Jayhawks scored 14 but all of those points came in the last minute of play. They were held scoreless for the first 59 minutes of the game. They may not score a single point here. Even if they score a TD, that mean Oklahoma has to hit at least 60 by themselves. What incentive do that have to do that? We anticipate OU getting a big lead and tapering it back in the 2nd half cruising to a win. This total is set at 67. For comparison’s sake, OU vs Texas had a total of 65. In that game Texas had a suspect defense but one of the better offenses in the nation. Last week the Sooners total vs TCU was 64. Same scenario. Bad defense for TCU but an offense that can put points on the board. Here we have a suspect defense as well with KU but an offense that can’t score and the total is 67. Too high. It’s not as if this game will be close and OU will have to keep scoring to keep their lead. They are favored by almost 40 points. In order for this to go OVER we think KU has to get to at least 14 minimum and we’re not sure they can do that. Under is the play.

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Oct 22, 2021
Colorado State vs Utah State
OVER 58 +100 Lost
Play Type: Top Premium

ASA TOP PLAY ON 10* Over 58 Points - Colorado State at Utah State, Friday 10:30 PM ET - The first statistics that jumped out to us in this matchup is the pace of play numbers. These two teams rank in the top 15 in terms of plays run per minute and both average over 76 plays run per game. That obviously favors a higher scoring game with more possessions for each offense. Colorado State has some impressive defensive numbers but when you factor in the offenses faced, the numbers become less impressive. CSU is 9th in total yards allowed per game, 21st in passing yards given up and 16th in rushing yards allowed BUT they’ve faced six teams that rank 107th or worse in total offense and another team Toledo who ranks 74th. But on the flip side, the Rams offense is much better than their season numbers would indicate as they’ve faced some of the nation’s best defenses. San Jose State, Iowa, Toledo and San Diego State all rank 47th or better in total defense, three of those teams are top 25 in yards allowed per game. Utah State is more than capable offensively with a unit that averages over 484YPG (11th) is 15th in passing and 59th in rushing YPG. The Aggies numbers aren’t misleading either as they’ve faced some solid defenses in BYU, Boise State and Washington State who all rank 60th to 79th in total defense. Utah State is near the bottom of the nation defensively in yards per game allowed (108th), yards per play allowed (112th) and 85th in points allowed per game at 30.6PPG. We have lost value in this number from where it opened at, but the move hasn’t been enough according to the math. Bet Over.


The owners of American Sports Analysts (ASAwins), Lee Kostroski & Mike Merlet, have a combined 50+ years in the sports betting industry. Both started with Doc’s Enterprises, Lee in the late 80’s and Mike in the early 90’s. After learning the handicapping trade from one of the oldest in the business, they started ASA Inc in 1997 and have been going strong ever since. They have been known throughout the industry for their success on BIG GAMES including their 10* Midwest Game of the Year. ASA is located in Madison, WI and a foundation of their handicapping prowess revolves around the heart of the country – especially the Big Ten.

ASAwins has appeared on numerous radio shows throughout the country as special expert football guests including Tampa, New Orleans, Madison, Milwaukee, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Denver just to name a few. They were also featured on the ESPN website with gaming writer Chad Millman during the 2011 season.

ASAwins handicapping methods have evolved through years of with hard work and research being the anchor of their success. Rather than implementing one specific strategy as many handicappers do, they intertwine many different philosophies when it comes to making football, basketball, hockey, and baseball selections. They utilize their massive database that goes back over 30 years and can give them in depth information on any situation you can think of when it comes to handicapping. That’s not where they stop, however. They also research stats and film each week to evaluate the upcoming match ups on the field along with speaking with their personal contacts throughout the country (especially in the Midwest). On top of that, they analyze each point spread (and their movements) comparing them with their own power ratings to find where an edge might be found. Lastly, their predictive analytics or math models predict the outcomes of games based solely on numbers and statistics that aren’t swayed by the human element. So, as you can see, just because a game may fall into a successful system or the scheduling looks good to go against or with a certain team, that doesn’t mean that ASA automatically uses it as a selection. It must go through their in-depth process with all things considered before they give it the ASA stamp of approval. Looking at games from all these angles gives ASA the best of all worlds when it comes to handicapping. Their handicapping theories have proven successful over the years which has them as one of the more tenured experts in the industry.

Lee & Mike at ASAwins have stood the test of time in an industry that makes it very tough to do so. Their 50+ years of experience will give you the WINNING EDGE you need. Sports wagering is an investment and it’s time you invest in the known commodity of ASAwins!